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OWL™ River Boat System

OWL™ River Boat System

The OWL™ River Boat System measures boat speed during the day and at night, and can keep track of boats at gateways. Having gone through strict measurement tests, it is lightweight, full-featured, easy to operate, and of compact size – the best system for guarding bridges and channels.

The system's front-end evidence-collecting unit is made up of the radar, camera, camera lighting, and rotating platform.

The system

The OWL™ River Boat System is made up of the front-end evidence-recording system and the back-end monitoring system. Equipped with a digital camera, a video recorder, and the speed radar, the front-end evidence-taking system not only takes high-definition pictures but also records the whole process, providing credible evidence for law enforcement. With a special antenna, the radar can send out narrow beam waves, boasting accurate positioning and a high target-capturing rate. Furthermore, the back-end monitoring system is intuitive, stable, full-featured, and easy to use and maintain.


Basic functions of the OWL™ River Boat System include ship speed detection, real-time data analysis, data recording, networked monitoring, history enquiring, data transmission, automatic fault recovery, and event-triggered recording.

The system uses marine radar for speed detection and the output can be displayed in nautical miles/hour. Boasting a 0.1% accuracy rate and a 96% detection rate, the River Boat System can effectively safeguard ports and rivers.