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OWL-D™ Handheld Police Radar

OWL-D™ Handheld Police Radar OWL-D™ Handheld Police Radar

Using cutting-edge all-digital signal processing technology, the OWL-D™ Handheld Police Radar delivers accuracy and versatility in its dual function as a handheld police radar and vehicle-mounted police radar. It is affordable and easy to use, and fast in recognizing and tracking targets. In its static mode, the radar can sense both near- and far-off targets. Apart from the clear and accurate display, the radar is also equipped with an automatic speeding alarm and speeding lock, computer/printer/camera interfaces, and adjustable radar range and alarm volume settings. In addition, the software can be easily upgraded through the data interface. The OWL-D™ Radar is widely applicable to a multitude of sites such as highways, railways, airports, factories, and school zones for traffic monitoring.

The OWL-D™ Handheld Police Radar features three window displays: 1) the PATROL window indicating the patrol car's speed, 2) the TARGET window indicating the target vehicle's speed, and 3) the FAST/LOCK window indicating the fastest speed of far-off vehicles. The speed of the target vehicle can be locked to the FAST/LOCK window, and can also be tracked in the TARGET window. During patrols, the radar can sense vehicles in front of the patrol car in both same-direction lanes and opposite-direction lanes. In addition to these features, it can also detect traveling vehicles behind the patrol car in same-direction lanes and opposite-direction lanes. All operating modes are indicated by icon lights.