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OWL-D™ Handheld/Car Radar

OWL-D™ Handheld/Car Radar

The OWL-D™ Handheld/Car Radar gun uses the most advanced all-digital Digital Signal Processing (DSP) integrated technology to improve the functionality of the portable radar.

  1. Track and lock any target
  2. Well-designed user interface
  3. Easy-to-read font
  4. Automatic alarm for speeding and locking on speeding targets
  5. Equipped with computer, printer, and camera interfaces
  6. Adjustable radar range and alarm volume
  7. Easy-to-upgrade software

The OWL-D™ Handheld/Car Radar is an excellent, full-featured single-gun speed radar. It uses the Doppler principle to calculate radial velocity measurements on ground moving targets. Designed to be especially lightweight, intuitive to use, highly responsive, and accurate, the OWL-D™ radar provides the full suite of features needed to monitor traffic on roads, railways, airports, factories, schools, businesses, and anywhere else you can think of.

    Technical parameters:
  1. Speed measurement accuracy: ± 1 km/h
  2. Velocimetry under static conditions: 5 to 320 km/h
  3. Effective distance: > 800 m
  4. Working voltage:
    • Nominal value of +12 VDC
    • Minimum of +10.5 V
    • Maximum of +16 V
  5. Working current:
    • Operating voltage of +12 VDC
    • Operating current of ≤ 1 A
  6. Microwave transmission frequency: K-band 24050 MHz to 24250 MHz
  7. Microwave transmission power P.: ≤ 30 mW
  8. Radar beam width: the 3 dB point is ± 3 degrees
  9. Polarization: dextral polarization
  10. Receiver diode power: 100 mW
    Environmental parameters:
  1. Permissible working temperatures between -30 °C and +60 °C
  2. Relative humidity: no greater than 90% at +60 °C